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Announcing the accepted work for the 2019 50th Annual Laurel Art Guild Open Juried Exhibition! Our thanks to all the artists who submitted work to Montpelier and to our wonderful juror, Gavin Glakas

Congratulations to all those whose art was selected!

If your work has been accepted please send an email to: lagopen@laurelartguild.org . Please include your First and last Name, and Title of the accepted work. Also please check the spelling of your information as well. Let me know whether:

  1. You'll be able to deliver your work to Montpelier on March 5th from either 12-2pm or 6-8pm.
  2. The size of your piece is correct. Verify it lists width X height, not the reverse order, since size restrictions differ for each direction.
  3. Your art has not previously exhibited at Montpelier Arts Center
  4. The spelling of your name, title of the work, and medium are correct.

Be sure to bring your $35 hanging fee (cash or check only) when you drop off your artwork.

Please remember Framed dimensions must not exceed 36" wide X 48" high. Anything larger than this will be rejected upon delivery. All art must be suitably framed and securely wired for hanging. Exposed glass edges or unstable frames will not be accepted. Matted works must be matted in white or off-white only. Glass must be clean. Wall-mounted sculptures which are fragile or contain breakable materials must be in a shadow-box frame and must weigh less than 40 lbs., including frame. All art falling outside of these parameters (art quilts, glass, etc) need to have everything necessary to hang when delivering work. If you have special needs, please contact me prior to the art drop off date.

Laurel Art Guild reserves the right to refuse any artwork upon delivery that it deems to be improperly presented, unsafe, damaged, does not meet size requirements, or not the same as represented in the image submitted for judging.

First Name Last Name Accepted Title
Cheryl Alford The Bluesman
Ken Bachman Gondolas Waiting
Joseph Bellofatto Fidelity
Margot Braswell George Harrison
Karen Cain Firstborn
Bruce Campbell Pondering Koi
Liam Cawley Still Life with Yellow and Purple Paper
Stephanie Chang Purple Dress
John Cholod Ram
Katherine Crowley Glint
Sally Davies Almost 21: Portrait of Piper
Kathy Daywalt In Good Time
Sandra Dietzel Tuesday's Catch
Pat Dillon Silhouette and Sunflower
Perry Douros Neon Eve
Anita Draper Bill Poses
Michael Duncan Badwater Aliens
R.G. Edmonson Night Train with Moon and Constellation Orion
Gloria Fischer Dead Tulips
Carol Foerster Elephant
Ernest Friedman-Hill Alone
Karen Garvin White Masque
Melanie Gugliuzza Bosse's Bend
Trisha Gupta Red Rising
Elliott Hamilton Yellow Road with Dog
Stephanie Hopkins Tranquility
Carolyn Jackson Here Come The Clouds
Lauryn Jackson Pink Dreams
Paul Kerris Train Depot
Perveen Khan Pakistan-Lahore-Inner City
Marija Lasalde Best Friends
Margo Lehman Ste. Cecile Crane
Carol Leo Mr. and Mrs.
Duane Lutsko Ellicott City
Kevina Maher At Rest
Isabella Martire Confidence
Vatsala Menon Australian Outback
Karen Merkin Barn Find
Mary Jo Messenger Fruit with Red Drape
Lynda Mitic Rhapsody
Karen Norman Knapps Narrows Evening
Ciara O'Connor Buzz
Diane Osburn Table Setting
Matthew Pickett Normandy
Melissa Price Amelia - Concentration
Eve Sandmeyer Life Journey
Alden Schofield Sunrise Martha's Vineyard
Ellen Sheaffer Tom
Diane Shipley Mellow Yellow
Charlotte Taney Windmill at Sunset
Alina Tolkacheva Red
George Tuggle Blue Chairs on the Pier
Joyce Turk Zig Zag River
Dwight Tyler Trees and Reeds
Debra E. Tyler When love hurts...
Barbara Van Rossom Art Class Demo
Janaki Venkatarajan Daydreaming
Daniel Venne Man With a Shell
Lois Ward Wolford Checking out the Show
John Weber Ochre Shirts
Richard Weiblinger Golden to Blue 7859
Kathleen Zeifang On the Half Shell


Exhibition Schedule 

  •  March 5 Deliver Art Work; 12-2pm & 6-8pm
  •  March 9 Exhibit opens to the public
  •  March 10 Reception and Awards Ceremony 2-4pm
  •  March 31 Exhibit closes
  •  April 1 Pick up artwork; 12-2pm & 6-8pm