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February 8
Winter Paint-In

LAG artists and visitors are invited to draw and paint from a live model on Saturday, February 8, 2020 from 1-3pm at Deerfield Run Community Center, 13000 Laurel-Bowie Road, Laurel, MD, 20708. This session will be in lieu of our monthly members meeting. Please RSVP paintoutdoors@laurelartguild.or if you are planning to attend. The object will be to sketch and paint from the model using media of your choice. We will have tables to work on, but feel free to bring an easel if you prefer.


March 9
Janet Fox, Title: Using Dreamwork to Inspire Artwork

Ever wake up with a simple, exciting, vivid, or troubling dream? If yes, what did you do with it? In this presentation, artist Janet Fox introduces how humans have been inspired by dreams throughout history. She will share how her curiosity led her to explore her own dreams, beginning in an evening group in the meeting room of a mid-Western cemetery office. That Jung-inspired group's discussions used written dreams. Eventually, she created simple collages and paintings to share dreams visually. Enlivened over the years by that creative process, she "engages her dreams" using encaustic as her primary media. Like layers of a dream, she builds and fuses together fibrous and colorful papers, ink, pastel, and found materials within wax paintings. She also carves, scrapes, fills, smooths, and buffs, building fabulous textures in the final pieces. She will show this intriguing process with several paintings.

Janet's biography:
Janet Fox, primarily a self-taught artist, creates abstract and representational art in encaustic (pigmented bees wax), layering in fibrous and colorful papers, ink, and found materials. Intrigued by the curious content in dreams, her work is often inspired by vivid sleep-time images or ideas. Having explored dreams for many years, mostly from a Jungian perspective, she enjoys “engaging her dreams” as she carves, scrapes, fills, smooths and buffs, building fabulous contrasts and textures in the final pieces. Janet is a member (and past Board Member and Treasurer) of the Montgomery Art Association and is a Gallery 209 artist. She's also a member of the Jung Society of Washington and International Encaustic Artists. Her art blog, including stories about her art, are on her website.
Link to her website

Saturday, March 21
LAG Workshop with Valerie Watson

On Saturday, March 21, 2020, at Montpelier Arts Center, LAG will host a workshop on creating large scale watercolor paintings with Valerie Watson. Details will follow. Please be on the lookout for an email with all the information. Barbara Bennet (301-526-2642) will be coordinating the workshop. Barbara will let everyone know the time, cost, and deadlines as soon as possible.